Your M&S

I tweeted, mmm... I think about a year ago, that I was hoping to see some Gluten-Free choices in the Marks and Spencer cafe.  Well, a couple of weeks ago I went into my local M&S cafe and finally - a gluten free sandwich! I was only expecting a gluten-free cake or something at best, so to think I can have a sandwich is great.  

I then noticed these bottles of cold loveliness - Raspberry and Rooibos tea!  I thought to myself "well I don't really want to pay twice as much" but it turned out they were cheaper than the Coca Colas.  Healthy cold tea that's cheaper is a no-brainer decision to me.  I'm happy to report my raspberry rooibos tea was delicious and I thoroughly recommend it. Makes me wonder if they have them in their shop as well for home...

So i'm feeling quite good about the M&S cafe now and it's nice to see products that are different to the usual and also cater to dietary needs.  I really like that M&S listen to their customer's feedback and actually act on it. I guess that's why the ad says "...This is your M&S" ;-)


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