Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Yummy Vanilla

More about Tea Palace today. This Notting Hill blend is their tea that had me all excited and I'm glad to finally try it! As soon as you take the lid off this little tin, you're hit with a mouth-watering caramel scent that makes you want to dive in like it's chocolate rather than tea! 

Tea Palace's 'Notting Hill' tea is their exclusive tea blend created to celebrate their first home in London.  They say it's made with the finest single estate black teas enriched with real pieces of organic Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar and flashes of gold Marigold petals. Their website says "It is a refined aromatic blend with a hint of sweet vanilla."

Once brewed I found there to be a smokey-wood aroma with the sweet scent of vanilla.  The tea infuses into a deep honey colour and once you taste it you're reminded that there's a black tea in this vanilla goodness that's smooth and light like Darjeeling. I think there's also a tangy taste to it somehow!

For my milky tea readers, I decided to try it with whole milk as well so I could compare the two ways of preparing this tea.  I'm glad I did as the milk really changes this tea and brings the vanilla scent out even stronger.  It smells like rice pudding actually! I felt it had a sweet taste almost like honey although I've tested it on some family who felt it tasted 'too much like normal tea' with the milk after they enjoyed how unique it was without.

Overall I'd say you should try this tea if only to sit smelling it like smelling salts! I'd say it rivals my other favourite tea scent, which is equalitea's lady yang gufei! However, I did struggle to get the infusion right for me and found I either made it too strong or too weak for my taste. I was probably trying to get the   taste to match the scent!

I'm so pleased to have come across the Tea Palace teas and have really enjoyed experimenting thus far. I have a nice Earl Grey to try next! Just what I think I need at the moment, yum!

Monday, 13 January 2014

Harmony Tea Tonic

I recently tweeted about Tea Palace's 'Notting Hill' tea blend.  I'd had a whiff of it over some of the family's home over Christmas and thought the scent was delicious!  Tea Palace thought I might also enjoy the tea i'll talk about today called 'Harmony', which they've sent me.  I'm reviewing this one now because it's a herbal infusion and part of their 'tea tonics' range, which I think might be quite nice for harmonising the ol' body after Christmas!  Tea Palace obviously feels the same way because they're offering 10% off the tea tonic range in January.

The 'tea tonic' teas are organic herbal teas that are blended to improve well-being and this 'Harmony' blend includes cardamom, coriander, fennel, ginger, liquorice and rose petals.  I'm into medicinal herbs at the moment and this certainly isn't lacking in contents as you can see for yourself in my pic below!

 They come in these cute little tea pots, which feels very posh indeed.

Review:  This is one of the best herbal teas i've tried and can see why it received a Gold taste award in 2013.  It looked pretty in my glass teapot and had a much fuller flavour than I expected, having tried herbal teas before.  I think the liquorice gives it a real smooth base that makes the whole tea seem multi-dimensional.  Even with the rose petals and lovely little tins, I wouldn't say this was such a feminine infusion that a 'bloke' couldn't enjoy it as well if they wished!  This is my first Tea Palace drink and so far i'm very impressed with the quality.  I'm looking forward to trying the next one!

Here's a link to the Harmony tea and for the 10% off, it says to put the code DETOX2014 in the checkout.  Let me know what you think!