Friday, 25 May 2012

Iced Tea

As promised in the Vintage Tea Party post, i have gone looking for how to make Iced Tea!

Looking on google, I found that had a recipe for Southern Sweet Iced Tea.   It's boiling in England at the moment, so i thought it was a good time to have a go...

The finished product!
The recipe was really straight-forward and the Tea tasted very nice and authentic, so overall i'm pleased!

Now, i will say, i got all excited and didn't notice the comments at the bottom of their web page saying you don't have to put the amount of sugar in it that it says as it's very sweet..!  Whoa, i feel a bit ill now..!  I'll definitely try it with less sugar next time.  I also think it needed loads more ice cubes and possibly longer in the fridge as it's not as nice when it warms up again.

I will have to make a habit out of making my own Iced Tea this summer and have heard you can make it with different types of teas as well.  Perhaps a herbal tea will be quite refreshing?  I will get some recipes and see what i can do..  

I swear i didn't just put coke in this!
I hope this might inspire you to give this a try, or if you're already well-experienced then i'll take a few pointers!

Here's to the next go!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Marks and Spencer Cafe

Trip to M&S today; lemon ginger and Ginseng tea in a pot, cappuccino cake and Bakewell slice.

I was hoping the ginseng would wake me up but not today! Cake was lovely.

We were excited to notice a couple with an afternoon tea cake stand and on looking at the menu again I saw they now do Afternoon Tea for two for £10! I wonder if this is a Jubilee thing or a permanent fixture!
Well done M&S!