Tylney Hall in Hampshire

So I had a friend in town who had offered to buy me Afternoon Tea as a Christmas pressie!  Forward ten months (in my defence she has been abroad for work!) I found myself being recommended Tylney Hall in Hampshire.  Thank you NCT Mums!

So it was nearing on dark by the time we reached Wayne Manor - I mean Tylney Hall - and we were in awe of it's grandeur.

Once we had admired the ceilings and twirled around pretending to be Cinderella, we were seated in the lounge by the fireplace.  We decided to have a pot of earl grey and a pot of English Breakfast, one Afternoon Tea and one gluten-free one and then we threw caution to the wind and ordered two glasses of champagne on me!  We hadn't seen each other in a while and it's so nice to be off the phone and speaking in real-life - so definitely something to celebrate.

 I thoroughly recommend Tylney Hall for Afternoon Tea and although I didn't stay over or use the facilities, it looks like a lovely hotel too.  It was quite quiet during the Autumn midweek but there was still a nice atmosphere and the staff were very friendly.  

Thank you my lovely friend for this Christmas treat.  I think I was in need for some "me time"!  

But for now " - To the Batcave Alfred!"


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