Comeback Queen

I didn’t wake up this morning thinking I’d be blogging today after such a long time. Without a word to my dear readers, I wrote my last post in 2016, had a baby and disappeared into the sunset.

This wasn’t the plan but nevertheless I’ve enjoyed taking a year to fully experience  Motherhood and adjust to all the changes it’s brought me.

I never expected these changes to include my stance on my tea blog but I felt that where I was moving forward in other areas, I’d hit a mental roadblock with the subject.

I suppose it’s no surprise that under the pressure of learning how to look after a little one and with having a chronic illness as well, mindful tea breaks became less about ‘warming the pot’ and more about chucking a teabag in and watching it go cold anyway. Oh maaaan, it took me a few months to reach the point of drinking a whole cup of tea I’d made! Small violins at the ready.

Most days I feel myself torn in two directions; one of slap dash convenience, resulting from thinking for two and one wanting to be mindful and environmentally conscious, wanting wellbeing for my family. 

Then I realised that my interest in tea was always a reflection of this. I wanted to explore what tea really was as I’d only known soggy, dusty teabags. ‘How can I connect with what I’m drinking when I don’t even know what a tea leaf really looks like?’ I challenged myself.

This challenge has always been at the heart of Tea Street blog whether I’m writing about or not. As a lifestyle blog I now feel I don’t have to exclusively review tea and tea rooms to feel I have something to say. I feel excited to keep broadening my horizons, questioning what I’m consuming and exploring the environment around me.


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