Tea Souvenirs!

Adventurous friends and family have been bringing me back some cool tea souvenirs from around the globe! I love it as I can try some lovely loose teas that I wouldn't normally get hold of! Check out this tea gift from Oman.  The beautiful box contains tubes of loose teas, including my favourite Jasmine Pearls.  I haven't seen anything like it before and can't wait to get started... 

"each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage"

These Puerh tea bricks came from a trip to China. They have a 'six famous tea mountains' label on them so I'll assume they come from Yunnan, a place I'd like to visit myself one day. Puerh teas are the only ones that get better with age so I had an idea to drink one brick and leave the other one to mature like a fine wine!  

The underside

It came with this bamboo stabbing tool and I think it's to break up the tea??  I got a bit aggressive with it but was surprised to see how normal the tea looked when it came loose!  So clever.

This tin below is from a different trip to China and contains these gold sachets containing lovely loose tea.  Since I can't read Chinese I wasn't sure what to expect, but I really love the taste of this tea and i'm afraid it won't last long! It's slightly floral and a little like Darjeeling and I think a first or second flush because it's quite grassy.  But unless I learn Chinese I may never know!  

Thanks so much everyone and keep the souvenirs coming!


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