Palace Earl Grey

I've just tried my last Tea Palace tea from the trio and I can say that for each one i'm glad I have the rest of the caddy to look forward to.  There was enough for me to try this Earl Grey in different infusion strengths and I noticed the stronger the brew, the richer the bergamot taste.  All Earl Greys have bergamot but I prefer the quality loose leaf blends like this one, rather than the teabag ones, which i'd describe as 'bergamot with a hint of tea'! 

Tea Palace:
   "Our Earl Grey tea is a blend of only the finest China black tea and natural oil of bergamot, pressed from real         bergamot citrus fruits. Palace Earl Grey is a delicious, classically flavoured black tea with a sophisticated,             aromatic taste."

It's strange looking on the website as the tea in their picture looks a lot greener than it does in my picture! Anyway, I brewed this up in my teapot and surprisingly when I left the infuser in it didn't go bitter at all - lovely.   I found it to be a well-rounded, spring fresh blend almost like Oolong in flavour, surprisingly sweet, smooth and warming.  The natural bergamot was subtle, at least until a stronger infusion.  I enjoyed it in the garden now the sun's come out, with a couple (ish!) of Jaffa cakes.

You can order this Palace Earl Grey from £4.50 for a sample caddy or up to £14.00 for a 200g caddy.  I'd probably gamble on it if you like loose leaf Earl Grey, as i'm impressed with all the Tea Palace teas so far!


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