Talisman Flowering Teas

These Flowering Teas bulbs are holding onto a secret.  They consist of an intertwined blend of fresh green or white tea with fragrant flowers that will unfold like a tea ballet that dances to the sound of near boiled water.  The end result is a surprise that emerges like a butterfly into a beautiful plant in your very own teapot. 

by Tea Street blog

These botanical delights with names like 'sunset' and 'Blissful Love' are from a selection by Talisman Teas.  A glass teapot or tall glass is a must for these teas, because as lovely as they taste, the selling point is in the display.  I'd even go so far as to say that these are the best way to give tea as a gift or for a special occasion because they're so pretty and so unusual.

This is me testing out 'Sunset'.  I was worried about trying to photograph through a glass teapot, but it wasn't too bad!  I also enjoyed creating the picture above as they remind me of strange exotic plants i've discovered!

These pictures don't do it justice, but it was great fun watching it infuse.  It brewed into a sunset colour as the name suggests and it was a light tea with hints of caramel and apricot.  I'll look forward to giving the other flowering teas a go!

See the Talisman Tea website for a selection of five flowering teas for a small cost of £5.00.  Also check out their glass tea ware here


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