Let the Heat Wave begin!

There's only one answer to a British heat wave - Iced Tea of course!  I've been holding onto my Hampstead Organic Elderflower Oolong Iced Tea since my last Iced Tea post and was excited to try it today!

Got an Iced Tea and Kindle picnic going on

I love Elderflower so this was a real treat today and was a nice alternative to the usual Cokes and lemonades!  It's got a 'Great Taste Gold Award 2012', and is free from artificial flavourings, yet packed with antioxidants!  

It's low calorie and almost seems like a tea and elderflower flavoured water as it's very light.  If you're expecting a strong tea version of the Frappacino then you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Anyway, too much sun out this weekend to sit on the computer, so if you want to try it for yourself, grab a Fairtrade Elderflower Iced Tea and go relax in the great outdoors!  They're £1.49 for an environmentally-friendly 330ml carton, which is fully recyclable!

Enjoy! x


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