Great Outdoors to Great Hotels!

The summer is finally here so we grabbed the tent this time and went camping on the Pembrokshire coast!  Not a bad view from the tent...

We took a Voyages of Discovery boat trip to Ramsey Island, which was great fun! It's owned by the RSPB and they seemed to be doing a great job encouraging puffins to land there. 

I had been drinking a lot of peppermint tea, but couldn't resist cycling along the coast and along to the pub in this great weather!

A trip to St. David's for tea and Scones, lovely City.

We had a great time camping, but there comes a time when you want a bit more luxury!  Enter Secret Escapes... You know, the advert with that lady whispering like she's broken into a hotel??  Well we found the amazing Corran Resort and Spa in South Wales featured on their website, which just so happened to be on the way back!  We booked it over my iPhone using PayPal and we were so impressed with how easy it was.  Onward to the hotel...

The swimming pool and jacuzzi (magic word after camping) was the door on the right of this quad

Our room (using the word 'room' lightly).  When we were shown in I thought we were in a hallway as I couldn't believe there was so much room all to us!

 Ey up, what's this I spot on the Piano..??

...only a Twinings box!  These were dotted in the restaurant as well, they look so posh, I wish I had one!  Diving into the Afternoon blend, it was just what I needed after camping

It was a fairly small resort with only twenty-one 'rooms', so it felt very homely and intimate and the staff and other guests were very chatty.  We didn't use any Spa treatments and were wondering if they'd be pushed on us as soon as we walked in the door, but there wasn't much mention of it!  We felt free to wander to the pool once we got our dressing-gown on...  

Dotted around were lots of vintage travel items that were such a special touch.  Here on the windowsill of our sitting area were these cute binoculars.

Reception (old school blogging!)

We had an evening meal in the restaurant, where they source food as locally as possible and it was delicious!!  I started to struggle by dessert so had time to take a snap.  Breakfast was included with our room so we were back for another amazing meal in the morning.

The Resort is at Laugharne, Carmerthenshire with lovely countryside around the resort.

  This was another brilliant time in Wales with a mixture of the great outdoors and hotel luxury, complete with Twinings!  We also couldn't believe how easy it was to making a booking with Secret Escapes and we look forward to using them again when we're in need of a treat!


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