Rose Petals with your Tea?

I haven't had the pleasure of visiting &Tea's shop and tearoom in Bournemouth yet, but some family were kind enough to bring me back a packet of &Tea's Rose Petals to try!

It says to infuse one teaspoon per person along with black tea for a delicate flavour, something i haven't done before.

So, i added a couple of tsps to a pot of Afternoon Tea, which gave it a welcome Rose flavour and a lovely fragrance to match. 

It's very pretty as well and let's face it - girly, so it would make a perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea with Mum on Mother's Day, or for your charity Afternoon Teas, such as the Eve Appeal this month.  Really show off the look of it as well and get out your vintage teaware and glass teapots.


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