Beau-Tea! Xen Tan

I recently bought Xen-Tan Face Tanner Luxe 80ml and just started trying it today!  I know it seems off-topic, but i've been meaning to look at cosmetics and beauty products that have tea as an ingredient in them!

This seems like a good start as I noticed on the label it says it has Green Tea antioxidants in it.  Not everyone likes self-tanning but with the Green Tea it may keep you looking younger for longer, as opposed to being out in the sun and getting too wrinkly hehe!  

Aside from the green tea aspect, i'm hoping to have a bit of a glow this Easter despite all the snow!!  I chose this product in particular because it's paraben-free and doesn't have that strong 'fake tan' smell that some do.  I've also found myself looking a little 'tangoed' before so i'm hoping for a more natural look this time.  Not that it will be a secret now i've put it on the internet!

As you can see, this one is for faces so i'm glad it's oil free as i don't want to look all greasy.  It's also a gradual one that you can put on daily and build it to the level you're after.  Fingers crossed it works well!

I've joined up with the online shop Feel Unique where you can buy these Xen-Tan products, so stay in touch for news and offers!


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