Lapacho Tea

Following on from my previous post, i've found an even more adventurous tea in the name of 'Lapacho' from the company Equalitea!  Lapacho Tea is a Herbal Tea/Tisane made from the inner bark of the wild Lapacho Tree.  People say it has many medicinal properties, such as antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal to name just a few.

There's some rather different brewing instructions too.  I put a teaspoon into 250ml of cold water and brought it up to heat in a saucepan.  The instructions then say to leave it to brew for 15 minutes - wow i'm glad i'm not in a hurry! 

This is my Calabash Gourd and Bombilla i bought from Eteaket a few years ago.  Although i've only used it with Yerba Mate tea so far, i thought it would be great with Lapacho Tea as i could brew the leaves in a bit longer. 

What an interesting Whole Leaf Tea! I think i could have made a stronger brew as it wasn't mega rich or particularly dark coloured, but it had the expected woody taste with a surprising liquorice or aniseed flavour!  Perfectly enjoyable and with its health benefits, definitely one i'd like to try again.

I have a few of Equalitea's Teas to try and am glad I came across their range as recommended to me by a friend on Tea Street's facebook page!  I love the style of their packaging, which reminds me of the importance of lovely tasting teas that are both Organic and Fairtrade.


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