Food and Drink Pairings

I'm quite happy with today's lunch; a gluten-free sweet potato falafel wrap. Yum! Even though we have made our own falafels before, there isn't always time to cook from scratch so I was pleased to find these in the supermarket with no wheat flour in them.

These are Warburtons wraps spread with houmous, lettuce and coriander/cilantro, before adding the cooked falafels and topping with tahini sauce. The sauce was bought and isn't as nice as homemade tahini sauce but is still worth using.

Carrying on with my middle eastern theme, I paired my falafel wrap with Moroccan Mint Tea from Waitrose.  I will point out that this is a mint and gunpowder green tea, even though the packaging is a bit misleading. When I first drunk it, expecting 100% mint, I was a bit taken back! 

Pairing tea and food is quite a fun project and there's a lot more to experiment with than just black tea and cake (although I won't knock it!). I hope to explore these pairings further, especially with savoury food!


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