It's a Secret

Well, not anymore!  While I was at the Windsor Independent food and drink market, I stopped by the EqualiTea stand and grabbed a sample of 'It's a Secret', a Pu Erh tea with a caramel and hazlenut flavouring.  It is also beautifully decorated with sunflower and osmanthus flowers.

 You use a teaspoon per cup with water at about 95c and brew for 3-4mins.

This is a really nice tea and a lot more likeable than some Pu Erhs, which are loved by some but are an acquired taste.  It has a woody base with a lasting aftertaste and the nutty and caramel flavours add more levels with that toasty taste you get from nutty teas.  

It's a healthy alternative to drinking a hot chocolate for me, and although it's a lot thinner than a milky drink, it has that sweet and almost chocolate taste you sometimes crave as a treat.

EqualiTea mostly sell organic and Fairtrade teas, which I love.

It's £10.30 for a 100g, which sounds pricey but it's a big bag that will make you 50 cups!  If you're not sure you'll like it, then maybe pop down to see them and get a sample pack.  Click here for dates and locations of events they're attending.

For previous post reviewing EqualiTea Lady Yang Guifei, click here.

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