The Crooked House Afternoon Tea

We had a lovely afternoon tea at The Crooked House of Windsor yesterday!  A very interesting building (literally crooked), it was originally built in 1592 and re-built in 1687.

I didn't think i'd manage a whole cake stand to myself so we shared the sandwiches and had a couple of scones each.  The scones were delicious and obviously fresh as they parted in perfect halves by hand. There was also plenty of clotted cream and jam to top it off!  

I went with a lapsang souchong tea, which was actually my first and i really enjoyed its smokey taste.  I've called tea "smokey" before, but this takes it to a whole new level.  You can smell it from where it brews in the pot; very 'wood burning on an open fire'... We tried a mango tea as well, which was a real delight.  I think i'd like to get some of the mango tea in for the Spring when it finally arrives! 

We were looking for a relaxing, low-key tearooms and found it very charming and traditional.  The food was lovely and fresh and there was a whole page of speciality teas in the menu, which is lovely to see.


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