Tea Street's Air Space!

Not wanting to be biased to the streets, we're reporting on Tea served 35,000 ft up in the sky and what we found on Virgin Atlantic's Premium Economy 'High Tea' service!

An exciting way to break up the journey, it was a real treat when the flight attendant brought round the High Tea tray!  The cheese and onion finger sandwiches were nice and tasty and the vanilla cupcake made by the Brighton-based Indulgence Cupcake Company was delicious - even though it was served rather chilled!  The linen napkin offered on premium economy flights was a nice touch as well.

Since we didn't know much about the tea on offer, we felt a selection of teas would be an improvement and if there was a choice of quality tea bags the flight attendant could bring round hot water instead of the pre-brewed jug.  We'd like to see a choice of something like chamomile tea for relaxation and a bit of sleep!

For the price of the seat, it would have been great to see the tea trolly and tiered cake stands offered at the Upper Class seats (or beds!) but overall we felt that having 'High Tea' on a plane was a fun novelty, reminiscent of the Pan Am days of good service and fun to have while watching a film! 

It's just come out that Virgin Atlantic's competitor British Airways have teamed up with Twinings to inject some quality tea on board!  The new tea will be a blend of Assam, Kenyan and high grown Ceylon Tea, which Twinings describes as "a classic combination giving body, strength, flavour and colour".

This is really exciting and it's great to see these air travel companies competing to improve their tea service on board.  With such prestigious British companies like Virgin and BA, it's nice to see them taking advantage of the glamour that tea has to offer!


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