Tea Road Trip - Wales

In October we were looking for a place to take the VW Camper and get back to nature, and came across a picture shared on Tea in England's facebook page.  It was a picture of the Tu Hwnt l'r Bont tearooms, and it looked so beautiful we knew we had to visit! Ok so we don't live anywhere near Snowdonia, but have always wanted to go be a tourist there, so here is our tea road trip..!

How's this for a start?!  Stunning forest driving through mid-Wales...

The great thing about a camper is you can stop off for a cup of tea when you feel like it, no cafe required!  Can't think of a better place to crack open the teapigs...

Onwards and upwards to the coast.  Check out these ocean roads...

Always wanted to camp on the beach, especially when the weather looks like this!  It was pretty cold at night, but there was a campfire to warm up to.

You can just about see some campervans on the top of the cliff here - great views up there but we opted for right on the beach...

On to the next beach stop with cliff top views...

Clouds came over by next morning, so perfect time to warm up with a Clippers Breakfast tea.

Snowdonia National Park - way more than we expected, it's like fantasy land!

October was a great time to go for Autumn leaves - wowza!

We next stayed in Betws Y Coed for a couple of days and fell in love with the Alpine Coffee Shop! They're supporters of the Orangutan Foundation and Ape Action Africa and have some lovely animal paintings up on the walls.  Their menus look amazing and there's vegan and gluten-free choices too! 

There were many different types of teas and i went for the Jasmine: Dragon Phoenix Pearl!  Loved the presentation and all the bits n bobs.

Having a break from the camper we took to the Ffestiniog Railway!

Finally getting to the Tu Hwnt l'r Bont Tearooms! Luckily we didn't get lost as i don't think i'd have been able to ask for directions!  It had lost some of the bright red leaves but i think it's definitely in the running for the most attractive tearooms!

Stunning 360 views...

Got stuck into a cream tea!  Darjeeling tea with fruit scones, complete with cream and jam!  The cream was different to what i'm used to in the South as i normally have clotted cream!  Maybe the light, fluffy cream is a Welsh thing?! 

We're so glad to have taken this road trip; we enjoyed many a cup of tea either camping by the beach, or on forest roads and were so impressed with the tearooms we came across! Can't wait to go back to Wales!  


  1. Absolutely beautiful! The autumnal colours make the views even more stunning. Glad you had a lovely time x

  2. Gorgeous pics and lovely post - I want to plan a road trip now ;) x

  3. Oh wow! From inspiration to action!! I love it! A social media inspired tea journey! Thanks for letting me know about this and for the link. - Denise x

  4. What a magical place! Your photos are fabulous. Looks like quite the trip!

  5. Just loving this...we love North Wales, we have a T5 VW California and we love vintage! So your article is perfect for us! Take a look at www.yayretro.co.uk - you might also like our camper classics section of our blog http://www.yayretro.co.uk/blog.php?category=4 xx

  6. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments and glad you liked the post! It definitely was a magical place especially in Autumn and thank you Denise for the idea (keep 'em coming!).
    Thanks for the info Sue, lovely site! I've followed you on Facebook and Twitter :-) The T5 California's look great! x

  7. Stunning photos! I'm your fan.


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