Grey Tinted Glasses

You know those things in life you know about yourself and are pretty sure that's just how you are and you're never going to change? Your eye colour, you live on earth... Well I am admittedly, undecided about quite a few things, but there is one thing i'm sure of - Earl Grey tea is not for me. 

In fact for years i've said 'no' to Earl Grey, or to be honest just offended people by saying 'urgh' and pulling a face.  It just wasn't something that needed consideration; tried, tested and denied.  The fact was, Earl Grey tasted like washing-up liquid and that just proved that some people had really strange taste buds.

Then something strange happened.  I gave a teapigs Darjeeling Earl Grey a go (it was  handy) and everything i thought i knew about myself changed - I loved it!

with a slice of lemon

I then tried again yesterday, thinking maybe i'd dreamt the whole thing and found this Earl Grey to be the perfect beverage to end a hot day.  Even better along with a piece of Sainsbury's Gluten Free Ginger cake, yum...

I know this huge shift in the Universe can't just be down to the really pretty blue cornflowers in the tea though.  Why do i like this one, because it's Darjeeling?  Maybe i haven't tried the 'real' Earl Grey before.  Are there others like this out there?  Or are those Fifty Shades of Grey books entering our subconscious in ways we never thought possible...  I shall find out, even if it means having to try those Earl Grey teas that put me off in the first place!

So i hope i can use this as a life lesson to try new things, but if you don't hear from me in a while, it's because i'm staring down at my hands and asking myself '...Who Am I?'


  1. I dislike Earl Grey as well. Everyone thinks I'm crazy! If I see this version from Teapigs, I'll have to check it out. Hard to find this brand around New York, though I think there is a store that sells some of their stuff.

  2. Hi Sara S, yes people think i'm crazy too! I asked teapigs and they are stocked in Wholefoods in NYC so maybe give it a go and see if you're as surprised as i was! Wish i was there!

  3. Thanks for that, I also do that 'urgh' thing with Earl Grey, so will look out for this one.


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