DIY Gifts - Sleep Masks!

So last summer I (note: when I say "I", I mean with a lot of help from my Mother!) decided to make some sleep masks as handmade gifts for my friend's Hen do!  With these cold, dark days it seems like forever ago now, but I thought it would be fun to share what I made as I think they would make fun DIY Christmas gifts as well.  I picked coral and turquoise fabric from the shop, but for this time of year you could have fun picking some really festive fabrics!   

Not sure I recommend making 11 of them as it took me forever, but they'd be great for a couple of stocking fillers!

Here they are all ready to go to Spain where I was expecting they would come in handy after a few late nights! 

I'm not usually much of a crafter and haven't sewn much since my Prom dress in '98 but I got really into it!  After the hen do we moved house so the sewing stuff is still packed away, but I hope it's not long before I can make some more cool gifts, especially some tea themed ones! :-)


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