Chateau Rouge Tea Series - Breakfast Blend No.27

Hi all!  As you may remember i'm reviewing a trio of teas by Chateau Rouge and the last of this installment is their English Breakfast Blend No.27

I apologise that this post has taken a while for me to publish, but since this is an English Breakfast tea and English people like to talk about the weather, I don't mind saying that i've been distracted with summer and the summer heat!  Actually, i'm not really allowed to say this, but it actually got a bit too hot for me, especially for hot tea!  A bit cooler this week, so here we go..

Chateau Rouge describe this tea as "a traditional English Breakfast Tea that is smooth, full-bodied and exceptionally refreshing".  I quite like the No.27 name too, very Chanel No.5 don't you think?  This is a 100% organic loose leaf black tea, from a blend of single estates in Assam, Sri Lanka and Rwanda (Rwanda as opposed to Kenya, which a lot of brands use).  They say not to infuse too long on the first go and this is because it can go a touch bitter this way.  I tried mine with milk, which makes a change for me, but it was suggested that way on the signature black tin.

I enjoyed this tea and found it a gently malty, zesty and refreshing, which is nice in summer.  Chateau Rouge may describe it as full-bodied but I didn't find overly rich like some breakfast teas and I think it was just as nice with a biscuit or cake later on as it would be at breakfast-time with marmite on toast.  Chateau Rouge received a 2015 'Great Taste Award' for this tea and I can see why. 

Lovely full leaves

The 100g tin as you see displayed is priced at £8.50 at the time of publishing this post.  There's also biodegradable tea bags for £7.50 if you prefer the convenience. 

Amazon also sell this tea for £9.50


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