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Hello Tea Lovers!

As you know, i've been writing this tea blog for a few years now, and having spent way too much time looking at crafts on Pinterest, I've decided to make some tea products myself!  My TeaStreetShop can be found here, so please check it out!

The Masala Chai jars are packed full of flavour and are as authentic to India as possible using real spice pieces instead of powdered spices.  This is an extremely healthy brew with super spices ginger and cinnamon to name just a few.  You can also experiment by adding your own strong black tea, such as Assam, or herbal Rooibos.

My second handmade item is Masala Chai Christmas Baubles; a great Christmas gift!  Using the same herbal blend as the jars, i've also added a strong Assam tea to this one.  However, I think this is different to other 'Chai Teas' out there that are usually made up of black teas with spice flavourings and maybe a couple of pieces of ginger (a bit sad in my opinion).  

The great thing about both of these tea blends, is that you brew them in a saucepan and let the delicious aroma drift through your home.  That's definitely a two-in-one deal for Christmas in my book!

Enjoy!! xx


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