Savill Garden Restaurant Windsor

I love Autumn when the sun's out; it's crisp and bright and the colours are starting to turn rusty at the tips.  Last week, we headed to the Savill Garden restaurant in the classic car for a cup of tea and a stroll down to Virginia Water, which is just round the corner.

I do love a tea bar, especially when it stocks Jing Teawhich i've blogged about several times.

We shared a Jing Chai Tea as they gave us an extra pot of water to re-infuse the leaves and we grabbed a jug of milk.

Although I could taste the spices, they were more of a complimentary flavour to the ceylon black tea, rather than having a 100% spicey punch, like some herbal versions.

Savill Gardens themselves are next to the restaurant, but we went for a wander down by the lake instead as it's so beautiful.

I highly recommend a wander here...


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