Samovar Tea Lounge - San Fran!

Hey all!  Here's a few photos from our visit to the Samovar Tea Lounge in San Francisco during our recent Road Trip!  Rude not to start with a foggy bridge pic... 

I've always admired the look of this small chain of tea lounges which are a world away from our vintage-style tea rooms in England. I had to put Samovar on the "must-see" list while we were in the area, specifically the Yerba Buena Gardens tea lounge as this is the one i'd mostly seen online...

Below is the view opposite the Lounge with its mixture of old and new buildings.  The Samovar Tea Lounge also felt like a similar mixture of old and new with traditional 'tea-time' in our modern age.  In fact it seemed like a place that people go to unwind when they've finished work and the outdoor space reminded me of the atmosphere you'll find in a pub garden in the summer.

A really nice interior as well, which helped to create a relaxing atmosphere...

This menu was so annoying as I wanted to try everything!! In the end I chose a Turmeric Spice herbal tea, which came in a cafetiere/press.  It could be re-infused so I had a few cups out of it and then also ordered some food.  Both were delicious! 

My husband ordered the Masala Chai as he loves those and he said this one was the best he'd ever had.  I love herbs and spices so i've since been trying to re-create this at home.

We had a road trip to get started on so I bought a bag of the Turmeric Spice to take with me! 

We later drove through Yosemite National Park, which was amazing!  

We stayed in a hotel in Mammoth Lakes once we'd passed through Yosemite and it was perfection waking up to this view in the morning, drinking my new purchase.

Ahhhh, wish I could do it all again xx


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