Jin Jun Mei "Gleaming Brow"

I've come back to a very special tea that was given to me as a gift called 'Jin Jun Mei' or 'Gleaming Brow'. It's famous for being one of the highest grades and therefore expensive teas out there and is from the Wuyi Mountains in the Fujian Province, East China. 

After doing some research i've found that the very first leaves are plucked in the Spring, only once per year, making it a 'first flush' tea.  The last post I wrote was about twig tea made from the stem, so it's funny to come back to the very tip of the tea plant again.  Note that white teas are also produced from the first bud, but Gleaming Brow is fully oxidised and therefore a black tea.

As you can see below, I took to brewing this tea into a rich golden colour.  I think it could have been brewed longer according to taste, but I prefer a slightly under-brewed tea than bitter.  You can tell that this is a special tea as soon as it's brewed in the pot with its sweet, floral aroma, and it's a joy to taste too. It's smooth, soft and rounded and spring fresh while still having some body to it.  

I loved this tea even before I was told what it was!  As i said, it was a very generous gift so I can't point you directly to this one (and you're not having mine!) so be careful if you're looking for some and make sure you're paying for the real thing.  China Life in Camden pointed out what this tea was to me, so thank you very much!  They also sent me a link to their supply of Jin jun Mei seen here, with a taster bag of 3g for £18.80!  Let me know if you decide to try some!


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