Devon & Cornwall Road Trip

Just incase you need cheering up from the cold, I thought i'd post-up a couple of snaps from a trip to Devon and Cornwall a couple of months ago, just before the leaves turned!  It ended up being another tea adventure...



Dartmouth - WOW!
Our year of remembrance.  This tank was dug up from the waters off of Slapton Sands when it was used as part of a training exercise for the Normandy beach D-Day landings.  Although the training at this beach must have been a scary and awful time, the beach is beautiful. It has a lovely long stretch of sand parallel to the road, which now makes for a wonderful scenic drive with the window down.

I tried to have a look around the Tregothnan Tea Estate, which is the only Tea Estate in England, but they don't do tours of their tea facilities unfortunately. They did offer an Afternoon Tea with a tour of some of the gardens but apparently not a lot to see in the way of tea - and name dropping Tea Street blog didn't help!  I can only hope this changes in the future as i'd love to see the tea being grown and processed.  Anyway, not to be disheartened, we headed for the Eden Project, which as you know is a family-friendly, environmentally-conscious gardens with huge biodomes housing plants from around the world.

This is embarrassing; we were walking down a path passing (what I thought was) some bushes and didn't think too much of it.  Then all of a sudden I looked closer and it looked very much like the pictures of tea i'd seen, "hang on a minute" I thought.  It was a funny zoom-out on face moment when I realised I was stood in front of a hill of tea!  I was so happy to finally see some in real-life after all, without having to board a plane!

The Real Thing!

Into the domes...  My favourite was the rainforest biodome - and when I say rainforest, I mean huuuuumid! I think Cairns was the last time I felt this kind of humidity and luckily there is a cool room at the top for people who need a rest. 

Explorers and Tea

Our last night, with a lovely campfire to end the trip...

I bought some Tregothnan Afternoon Tea at the Eden Project shop that I cracked open at home.  It's a blend of tea leaves from the Cornish Estate along with leaves from Darjeeling. A light, peachy tea with nice full leaves.

Thanks for reading :-)


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