Do you have a Kindle?

I just wanted to write a post about reading, and my Kindle in particular!  If you've visited my Pinterest page before, you'll know that Tea Street blog has a board dedicated to books and reading (please feel free to send recommendations!).  In my opinion, nothing goes better with a cup of tea than a book, apart from maybe cake!  I've been really escaping into some books recently, and have been so grateful for my kindle, so I thought I should say a few words on it.  

I love books, I love the smell of them too,  and I don't mind judging them by their cover.  With this in mind it took me a while to commit to the idea of moving to reading electronically.  It seems that most things we use now require a power supply and it seems like a shame to add books to the mix.  I was worried an electronic device would lose the romance of (grabbing the air) 'the book' by not having a proper wedge of pages in my hand.  I started to visualise a world without bookshops or libraries and it seemed very sad! 

On the other hand, I realised that I had more books than shelf space at home and considering I like to read, I thought it may be more environmentally-friendly to buy one electronic device over many books that require paper, wood and trees. 

I decided to come to a compromise and now use my Kindle for most of my reading but will buy books every so often if they have photos in them or are my favourites that I want to display.  Deep down I want my own library but one has to be realistic!  I also have an iPad, which has the kindle app on it.  This means I can import my books onto that device as well and if there's two of us, we can both read downloaded books.  However, the Kindle is better for reading because it's dedicated to that purpose and if I put on an iPad, i'm more likely to find myself looking at emails!  Also, the reflective surface of the iPad outside in the sunlight can really get in the way of reading clearly.

I'm really glad I bought it and I like the idea that I can click a button and have a book instantly, especially if i'm going away somewhere last-minute and don't have much time.  I also found the kindle store to be very good value for money, which I can access with the Kindle itself.  But most of all I like the privacy and that I can read a book without anyone judging me for my embarrassing choices!

The kindle I have is a couple of years old and it doesn't have the inbuilt light.  I find this a problem at night if I want to read in bed when others are asleep and therefore think the newer generation with the backlight would tick all the boxes.  I've put a link to it below incase you're interested in buying a Kindle and it's also on my shopping widget on the right menu... Enjoy! 


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