Tuesday, 17 June 2014

French Road Trip

You may have seen me on Twitter a few weeks ago asking if anyone knew of any good tea rooms in France due to an upcoming road trip.  We had a lovely time but there was so much to see that we didn't manage a single one!  Thanks everyone for your great ideas though and if anyone is travelling this way then please have a look at people's suggestions via the Twitterverse.  Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy these photos...

We found a lovely little cottage on the Owners Direct website in Josselin, Brittany that we rented for several days.  It was so cute and beautifully decorated in a French Country style...

Our little French friend...

The cottage was in Lanouee, a charming village to stroll around:

Trip out to beach on the Quiberon Peninsular - absolutely loved the natural beauty:

Back at the cottage: 

Once we (regretfully) left the little cottage, we passed through the medieval town of Vitre:

Then onto Le Mans for the Le Mans race car museum (Le Musee de 24 Heures), before the sun set in this beautiful town...

Tea and cars!

Next, we enjoyed a stroll around Paris...

View from the Eiffel Tower

I couldn't get a good shot of this amazing bridge 'Pont Alexandre III' because police were lined up awaiting Queen Elizabeth and Barack Obama for a D-Day meal!  We felt honoured to be in France for this day.

We stayed in Versailles and enjoyed our visit to the Palace

Found a Laduree counter there and bought a box of their signature blend tea!  

To Marie Antoinette's quarters (miles of gardens away from the King!)

Versailles town is also very pretty and we found a coffee and tea shop!  Love the tins...

The drive back to the ferry after a great break away; beautiful...

Friend on the ferry...

The best bit about getting home was that I could get my new Laduree tea out for a tasting!  

This 'Tea Melange Laduree' is their signature blend.  It is an elegant combination of black tea from China and Sri Lanka, citrus fruit, flowers, sweet spices and Vanilla and should be infused for 5 minutes in 95c water.  

This tea soooo good and I can't recommend it highly enough!  It reminds me of a spirited sugar-pop sensation like Katy Perry crossed with a graceful Princess, with more than enough sophistication on what is otherwise a fun, colourful flavour.  These macaroons aren't Ladurees own, but they are a perfect pairing.

I hope I can enjoy more of what Laduree has to offer in the future, perhaps with a trip to one of their tearooms!

  Well that's all folks!  I hope you enjoyed these photos and as I mentioned, we were in France during D-Day and therefore want to close this post with respectful remembrance.  Thank you.

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