'White rose Red rose'

I just tried the delicious 'White rose Red rose' tea, the EqualiTea blend originally recommended by a friend on the Tea Street Facebook page!

This is a blend of mainly green and black tea, with a healthy sprinkling of rose petals, making it beautifully fragrant!

I found this to be a fairly light tea with a smooth texture and a long-lasting floral aftertaste.  I also made two small pots out the same teaspoon!  Great on a warm Spring afternoon, especially if you're having a hats and dress day!  Although I have to say it reminded me a little of Turkish Delight, which men like too - so no excuses!

Otherwise if you're looking for a gift that's a bit different, this would be a fun alternative to flowers!  From organic farming 'White Rose Red Rose' EqualiTea allows you to put your health and the environment first.

It was fun using a glass teapot to photograph the rose buds and I think you'd agree the visual factor adds another dimension to the tea drinking experience!


  1. Hi,
    love your blog, just wondering if you would like to review some LuLin Teas tea? Email me at hannah @ lulin-teas.com for more details if you are interested :)

  2. Hi Hannah! Thanks, i'm glad you like it! I would love to review some of your teas and have sent you an email.
    Sam :-)


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