Fortnum and Mason - High Tea China

Exciting new package!

As i mentioned in a recent post, i had a special birthday recently and it just so happened that i needed another teapot..!  I think i'm getting a bit into teaware as women normally do shoes.  Obviously i have a few teapots already, but i wanted something special, that would last me and so i could add pieces later to make a set.  Everyone has to have an actual tea SET right?

Anyway, i recalled looking through pictures of tea (as you do) and that i'd found a really nice picture of Fortnum and Mason teaware.  This went down in my mind as the teaware i'd ask for or get myself if it was a special occasion!  It was a gorgeous mix of turquoise, white and gold china.

So since it was my birthday, i went back to look through Fortnum's site to see if they still did this tea range i'd remembered.  I was happy to find they did, it's the 'High Tea China', in fine bone china that's made in England and decorated in what they call Fortnum's signature eau de nil with a golden butterfly motif. 

My new teapot!
So when someone in the family asked what i wanted i mentioned the teapot and it arrived on the day!  I love it!  It pours really well, as long as i'm careful about it (when i went a bit quick i did make a mess)!  It's a good size, very pretty and it's nice to think i've got a proper china teapot.  Hopefully i'll add to the set as time goes on with the High Tea Cup and Saucers and also the plates.  After all, if it's good enough for the Queen, it's good enough for Tea Street right?!  

The Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon was re-opened in their historic Piccadilly store last March by HM the Queen, the Duchess of Cornwall and the Duchess of Cambridge.  It would be great to stop by sometime and try out the Afternoon Tea.

Have a good day,

HRH the Duchess of Tea Street ;-)


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