Vintage Tea Party

Right, first thing's first; during magazine and tea 'o' clock today, i came across an ad in a magazine about hosting your very own Vintage Tea Party! And not that you need an excuse but it's in aid of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month (March) - so everyone's a winner.

I think now the sun is finally starting to come out for Spring, we can begin to feel excited about English-style tea parties again. We can swap the coats for frocks (or like me sprucing up the jeans with a non-black top!) and get out the miss-match retro crockery and even do a few cupcakes to keep the teas company!

I will soon post more from the Vintage tea room on Tea Street, on how to host a traditional Tea Party so watch this space for more ideas!

So to get going, it looks like you send off to 'the eve appeal' for a fundraising pack and then get your royal creative on. Have fun guys!


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