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Welcome to Tea Street blog!  

I hope you enjoy exploring my website.  Although I don't diary blog as much these days, I do feel I have years of interesting written article to look at.  

Tea takes us on a journey...  From the first sip we take we're transported all the way back to the Camellia Sinensis tree,  firmly rooted in the soil of its region that is just as rich in history and culture as the hands tea lands in.  

This wholesome view is what makes tea so interesting to me.   It's all too easy to lose track of what we consume in these busy times but tea has a lot to show us if we'll only stop and listen.  I love to think about where the tea i'm drinking comes from and this ties into my love of travel.  I also like to try and review Organic teas as much as I can and want to support farming that works with the environment rather than against it.  Then of course there's the way we drink our tea (milk and two sugars?) and the fun teaware that goes with it - all completely individual to the culture.  

For more on what got me into tea in the first place, please see my post 'why was Tea Street built?'

I've taken the majority of photographs on my blog and am keen to develop my skills beyond my Arts Degree, even though it's sometimes a work in progress!  I've been using my Nikon D90 DSLR camera but also think i've got some interesting pictures through my iPhone and from using InstagramI've now recently moved on to Canon!

Please feel free to leave comments at the bottom of my posts and you can also find Tea Street on facebook, Pinterest or on  twitter @TeaStreetblog

I look forward to chatting!



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