'Margaret's Hope' First Flush Darjeeling

I was lucky enough to be sent this wooden box by Whittard of Chelsea containing First Flush Darjeeling tea called 'Margaret's Hope'.  I love the import-style box and inside is foil-wrapped whole leaf tea from the very first harvest from those famous Indian Himalayas.  What a good opportunity to get my Whittard tea set out!

Notice the warm amber colour of the brew that is classic to Darjeeling.  Best without milk as it's so fine and delicate that you don't need it.   I believe it counts as a black tea but is quite unlike the others and I found it to have a grassy, peachy flavour that takes you straight back to early Spring.

Look at these lovely leaves.  This tea named 'Margaret's Hope' is named after the 'Margaret's Hope Estate' where this is grown.  An interesting story; Margaret was the name of the founder's youngest daughter who loved Darjeeling but passed away from a tropical illness before she could return.  Her Father changed the name of  the Estate in her honour in 1927, which is sad but lovely.

This refreshing tea is perfect for an occasion, or treating yourself with a slice of cake in the afternoon.  It would also make a lovely gift because of the box it comes in, which is very unique and can be refilled and kept long-term.  Some say Darjeeling first-flush teas are the best (the champagne of teas) so this 100g box will cost £18.


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